An Ooops Moment


An Ooops Moment
Hi! I’m Bobbe White and my hair is too!

When speaking in St. Louis, the emcee introduced me this way: “Let’s give a warm welcome to Bobbe Whitehair!” The audience roared! That is, until they realized the emcee’s embarrassment and thought I might have been offended.

Well, his face was fifty shades of white, poor guy. Me? I was laughing too because it was funny! And quite accurate. A speaker’s goal is to get a laugh within the first 15 seconds. His faux pas certainly did and it broke the ice in a good way.

I now have written into my introduction: "Let’s give a warm welcome to a woman whose hair matches her name..... Bobbe White!!" I explain the introduction incident and it helps deliver my first point: laugh at your own expense!