Modern Fairytale +18 Sad

One, please understand that I'm 13, and I must of screwed up many places, also if there are any error plz point them out to me. I would try and change it, if I haven't killed myself by then. Enjoy

Love? What is love? Many people have defined it as a strong desire for humans of the opposite sex, but did anyone wonder what is the definition of desire? Well, most people would just answer ",an urge to have something or somebody," but still what is that urge that causes you to do so? To answer that question, that urge is simply just love. Now I'll cut the bullshit????

Molly, a skinny blond haired girl, never has understood what is the meaning of love until she met Matt. That night, a stormy summer night, had set a marking stone in Molly's life. Her mother, the only family she had left, had passed away because of a stroke. At that very second when the news came, Molly's heart stopped, the very last meaning of her life has just disappeared. She felt like a ghost, only that she is not dead. "Now," she thought, "There is no longer a purpose for me to live" as she slit the first cut across her wrist, thinking that it was all over now. She closed her eyes, feeling the blood drain from her veins, Suddenly! A voice made her jump, revealing herself in a dark unseen corner. Molly looked up and saw the most beautiful person that made her heart race. He had the most beautiful smile as his golden hair seems to glow in the dark, he is quite tall, "about 6'2", Molly guessed. He started to walk closer, then his smile faded away "what happen?" he asked, as Molly remembered about her cut wrist and now her right arm is soaked with her blood. Soon, before she could do anything her eye site started to get blurry and soon she passed out.

The following morning Molly woke up with the sun in her eyes, as she looked around she saw that person from last night sitting in a chair next to her bed. Later on she learned that, his name was Matt and that he was a doctor that worked at the hospital that her mom had died in. Matt also told her that he managed to stop her bleeding and took her to his apartment because he had no other choice. After breakfast Molly thanked Matt and decided to head out, but suddenly she realized, "where could I possibly go" she thought. She started weeping and seconds later Matt came to ask what happened "you should had let me die there, last night you should had set me free from my misery" she cried. "Don't ever say that, everyone has a purpose in this world" Matt responded calmly and then he said  "if you have no other place to go, you can stay with me".

For the first few days of living with each other has been fairly uneasy. Molly had a fairly quite and shy personality while Matt on the other hand had a very bright and talkative one. Soon dispute their differences they became inseparable. Molly realized that Matt was humorous and had a strong will, while Matt discovered that Molly had one of the kindest hearts his has ever seen. At long last, Molly has found something to live for, cry for and die for. The next next two weeks they had with each other seemed like a fairy tale, but one thing, has yet to be done. Nether Matt or Molly has told their lover "I love you" not just yet.

On one warm summer night, young couple sat together on a hill facing the sunset holding each other

Molly: "isn't the sunset beautiful????"

Matt: "it sure is????"

Molly "Matt, I've been wanting to tell you something????"

Matt: "what is it Molly?????"

Molly: "I love you??"

Matt: ????

Molly: "Matt you are the light, that has shined and guided me through darkness, you gave me happiness and warmth that I've never experienced.???? "

Molly: " After all it was only after I met you, that I felt my life was worth living????"

Matt: * kisses Molly *

Molly: ????

Matt: "from that very moment I saw you, I fell in love as I can't believe how beautiful you were, I was stunned.???? I though that I was dreaming,????but turns out that this dream is sitting right next to me.

 Matt: "I love you too" 

 Molly's heart have never experienced such joy, she started weeping, except this time they were tears of joy. Before she could say anything more Matt pressed his lips against Molly's, they felt their tongue touch as the fell in the soft summer grass, body against body . They started undressing.

Molly groaned as Matts penis enter her "harder, faster, deeper" she cried as she lets out another Moan of pleasure. Hearing this Matt gave everything he had to pleasure Molly as Molly pushed against his force. They changed from position to position until all their strength was drained. Then they cuddled and slept naked under the gentle moonlight.

The following morning Molly woke up with a terrible pain in her vagina, Matt wasn't beside her, but she thought that he might just be at his truck getting ready to leave. She got up to find Matt, but he wasn't there and so was his truck. Now Molly was getting worried, "where could he be?" Molly thought "he would never leave me". She decided to walk up a hill for a better view, but what she saw had broke her heart. She saw Matt, in his truck driving away in the distant country roads slowly disappearing into a tunnel. Molly was shocked, Matt has robed her of her dignity, her pride and all ofher belongings, including the golden necklace that her mother left for her on her death bed. Most importantly Matt has also taken Molly's heart. The wind started grow cold as the sky began to be filled with grey stormy clouds, Molly swore that she would no longer love anyone, but deep down in her broken heart she still wanted to believe that Matt still loves her.

         Broken, abandoned and hopeless, Molly aimlessly walks down the rough country road. The once clear sky is now covered with dark grey clouds as the rain came down drop by drop. Molly looked up to the sky with her emotionless face, she looked down and kept on walking. The pointy rocks on the road stung her feet, as the bugs around the forest heartlessly assaulted her. Molly kept walking, she didn't care, she saw no point in living any more .

The rain was pouring down harder, now the light summer shower quickly turned into a raging thunderstorm. Molly was now covered in bites and her feet was cut and bleeding in multiple places, finally Molly decided to stop. She look around for a place to rest, there was nothing around to protect her from the brutal storm except a narrow cave in the side of a hill . Molly went to the cave, as she crawl in a rock scraped one of her buttcheeks, she groan in pain and then kept on crawling, once Molly crawled inside she kneeled on the rough surface in order not to making the bleeding worst. Just as she thought that there would be relief, all of her thoughts kicked in and moments later she was on the floor crying. " I should had died that night", she thought,"I should had never even  met Matt in the first place, it all was just a cruel lie god has casted on me" and soon later her brain reminded her of other aspects. Like the time when her father left her when she was ten, how her best friend has died to a reckless driver and how she first started cutting with a pocket knife, which she thought was a good memory.

 For the next two hours Molly lied there staring out the narrow entrance of the cave. she wanted to end it all, but yet some how something inside of her is keeping her from doing so.  She doesn't know what it is, but that was the only thing keeping her breathing, the sky has finally cleared leaving behind a rainbow shining in a summer afternoon . Molly crawled out the cave and once again walked on that endless road, hours pasted and she doesn't know how long or how much she walked, but under a large oak tree there was a person lying there. She walked closer and what she saw had almost gave her a heart attack. It's was Matt!

She rushed towards him and shook his unconscious body over and over again. " Don't you fucking die on me now you prick, you have shattered my heart in millions pieces and blacken my soul for your desire!". Drop by drops tears came running out if her eyes, she never have felt so helpless " wake up, WAKE UP you bastard, I'm not letting go". Yet hours after hours of of agonizing pain she finally realized that his gone. Molly can now feel her heart being ripped apart, her soul was slowly slipping away and her head was screaming at her about what a piece if shit she was. As she looked down at Matt again, she saw a Swiss Army knife stuck in the side of his neck, and for the first time in 3 hours she realized she was surrounded by a pool of dried blood. At last she was finally ready to go, she knew this was it, she ripped out the swiss army knife from Matts dead body and started cutting upward of her arm cutting all her veins, it felt like her arm was burning but yet she great pleasure from it.

Finally as the blood started flowing and flowing as she kept on making new cuts. After a while she finally lost enough blood and she dropped to the cold hard ground with her eyes started to blur. She started to see visions, she saw her father on death bed saying his last words, she saw her best friend get hit by a speeding school bus and many more painful memories. Molly smiled knowing now this all end, yet before that happened one last vision popped up, it was a blur of white, it started walking closer and she soon made out the shape of a man as he closed in Molly finally saw someone she has been dying to see, Matt. Matt had spread his arms and asked Molly to come, in response she got up and took his embrace as she slowly slipped away into the darkness