Mystery Arrow

Mystery Arrow Story

I had been invited to act as presenter and ceremony master for an award ceremony at Laval University, in Quebec City. The ceremony was about student leadership and entrepreneurship, and since I'm an entrepreneur, I was thrilled to give awards to promising young persons!

But the pressure was on! The organizers knew my work, knew my ability to speak in front of huge crowds, and I didn't wanted to disappoint them. In fact, they asked me to do it because there were a lot of important persons and industrial Big Shots, and they wanted the ceremony to be perfect!

 Just before going on stage, I decided to make some last minutes changes to my introduction speech.
I decided to invert the order of two sentences. So I took a bold pen and drew a HUGE arrow from one sentence to the other. That way, I was sure to see and remember the change. Or so I thought!

I walked to the lectern, cleared my voice, said "Good evening ladies and gentlemen", looked down on my notes, and... nothing! I could not figure out the arrow anymore! I got lost at the first sentence!

I looked up to the crowd, and there they were, 250 people staring at me, with a "are you kidding me?" look on their faces!

So I took a deep breath, raised my notes so everyone could see them, gave them a clear 180 degrees turn, and candidly said "Oh! Now, that's much better!" Everyone laughed, and I went on, but I still don't know how I came up with this solution to hide my fail!