Radha Madhavan – The Saga of Love


Red petals of Gulmohar beautifully shed on the road looked no less than a red velvet carpet. It was a pleasant evening. The lovely sunset and the chirping of birds returning to their nests…The sky blushing like a bride…The blue mountains being embraced by clouds…

“Radha… you look so pretty today! ” Sumi remarked beaming at the blushing girl. “I know this is the effect of love. You and Madhavan are made for each other. By the way, have you talked to your parents?”

“No Sumi, I feel scared to talk to Dad about Madhavan.You know him, he is the strict disciplinarian. They don’t seem to be in favour of love marriages.” 
“But what about Madhavan’s family?”
“His father is also quite a serious type of a person. But Madhavan is very close to his mother…”
“Radha, then why don’t you ask Madhavan to communicate about your relationship with her? Allow her to fix and finalise your marriage.”

Radha met Madhavan and explained her worries. Unexpectedly without any complications and with all the blessings of elders they had a love-cum-arranged marriage. Radha and Madhavan were indeed made for each other.

Then came that fateful morning like an uninvited guest. It was sunny that day… The newlywed couple was on the much awaited trip to the magnificent hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu. Hairpin bends, dangerous ghats, Azure blue sky…gentle breeze..blue hills  with unmatched aesthetics. Radha was humming a romantic song. She was on cloud nine. After all she is lucky to get her Prince Charming as her husband. She closed her eyes daydreaming about their picture perfect marriage.

“The saying is true, marriages are made in heaven!”She smiled. Right out of nowhere came that unfortunate SUV Tata Sumo, unabashed, hitting everything out of Radha and Madhavan’s life! There was a darkness after the loud collision. The kinds  which is going to be there to stay, not to fade away with light……

When Radha opened her eyes she was in a hospital. She was told that she suffered a major car accident but luckily escaped from death. She had sustained a few fracture ribs with some minor injuries. There was a terrible tearing type of chest pain with each breath but each of her breaths just seeked to know about her better half.

“Where is my husband? I want to see him now!” She whispered quivering  with pain and horrid intuitions. 

Weeping loud around the corner were her parents and parents-in-law, unable to answer to her. Her father brought himself together to say, “Radha calm down dear, Madhavan is undergoing a Brain Surgery. He had suffered a blow on his head and severe injury to his neck!”

 Her father-in –law added, “Please, beta, you have to be strong during this crisis. We can just pray to God at this moment. He will cure Madhavan.”

 Madhavan survived through the surgery only to face a brief period of coma. Gradually with God’s grace he recovered out of coma. But every accident that occurs leaves a scar of its own… Loss of movement from all the four limbs was, may be Madhavan’s unfair share from it. He was diagnosed quadriplegic ie. he will not be able to move his body below neck.

Tears rolled down his cheeks when he saw Radha. “What has God done to me? Why me? Why did he punish me in this way?  I am bedridden now. Radha, please sit with me. I am feeling lonely..” He was in a stage of shock after trauma. 

Radha embraced and consoled him. She could not hide her tears from him.“Don’t worry love! you will be alright. I am sure God will definitely bring you back on your feet” Radha sobbed while saying this.

Days, months & years passed by. There was a drastic change in Madhavan’s mental condition. With days did pass away the closeness that kept heir bond strong. He became more irritable and restless, not because of his lack of improvement but because of his helplessness to see Radha every minute, every second without her smile, without the sparkle in her eyes which once had caught his attention and swear him to love her forever. Where is it gone? Why did I do this to the girl I thought of keeping happy always? These questions crept in his mind maddening him.

One day afternoon Madhavan called her, “Radha, I won’t be alright. Let us accept the fact. There is no improvement in my condition. I suggest that you marry another man, you deserve a better life. Let me live and die like this. I don’t want you to suffer sharing my damn life like this. You are young and beautiful. You can definitely get a handsome and loving husband..”

Radha was shocked to hear this, “No Madhavan, I am your wife. We promised to be on each other’s side through good and bad. I love you and I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want a better life, that doesn’t have you in it. Please don’t force me to leave you. …..” She held him tightly and cried her heart out.

“Shall I bring you some snacks, Madam?”- The waiter’s voice brought her back to the present day life. “Memories… these me

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash