Stanley the Snowman

Aman wrote a very fun little Christmas song called “Frosty the Snowman” and you all
know it pretty well. Why don’t you sing a little of it because I tell you the true story of
Frosty the Snowman?

All done? Good, well what you don’t know that most of the Christmas stories you know
about, even the silly ones, started as a true story but the songwriters change them some so
they make good songs. Well that’s especially true with the story of Frosty. But his name
wasn’t Frosty. It was Stanley. You have to admit “Stanley the snowman was a jolly
happy soul.” sounds pretty silly.

Stanley was built by Jack and Susan and their dad two days before Christmas. Jack was
in 4th grade and Susan was in 5th and they made sure Stanley had lots of good clothes to
wear and extra good things for his eyes, nose and mouth. See their daddy told them that
an ancient custom tells us that if you make a snowman realistic enough, he will come to
life. It’s not a bad theory. This Christmas, you and your family see if you make a super
good snowman and you might have an adventure like the one I am telling you about too.

Stanley did come to life that night. Dad waited up and watched him begin to step out on
his new snow legs and begin to explore the world. Your dad is aware of a lot of magic he
hasn’t told you about yet so listen when he tells his stories. They are all true. Stanley
didn’t just dance around all night though. Before Jack and Susan met him Christmas eve
day, he had build a very nice snowman home, a little house for his snow dog if jack and
Susan were to make him one and a snow car although it didn’t actually drive.

Jack and Susan were pretty shy when they got up early that morning and saw Stanley
happily making his house. Finally, Jack led Susan out to meet the magical snowman.
“Hello?’ Jack said timidly.

“Hello isn’t a question.” Stanley said and he put his big snow head back and laughed.
“You are alive. Just like daddy said.” Susan said. “How can it be?” She gasped still a
little afraid.

“Well Susan,” Stanley explained. “Every Christmas, there is so much magic and miracle
power in the air because of the coming of Christ, some of it leaks out onto silly snowmen
like me.” He bowed low bending at his snowman waist. “I am Stanley. I am here to
play with you.”

“HOORAY!” the children yelled and they stopped being afraid and ran and played with
Stanley with all their might. Stanley was pretty good at finding games and they rode on
his shoulders as he went all over town, meeting their friends and teachers and the Minster
at their church too.

“I have heard of the Christmas miracle.” Pastor Kelly said, “but you are a whole
different kind of miracle aren’t you Stanley?” He laughed.

As the sun went down, it was finally Christmas Eve. Jack and Susan sipped hot cocoa
mommy made inside of Stanley’s wonderful snowman house. “You are the best
Christmas present ever Stanley.” Susan said and she hugged his neck getting snow on
her cheeks.

“But there are so many wonderful presents to have Susan. What would be the best
present in the whole world?” Stanley asked.

“I don’t know Stanley” Jack said feeling confused a little.

“Well let’s go see.” The magical snowman said. Just like that, they were flying through
the night sky just like Santa but holding onto Stanley snow hands for all they could.
They stopped at a big palace of a mighty king. “These children have a castle and they are
princes and princesses. Maybe I should make you the kings kids for a Christmas
present.” He said loudly so the guards nearby got nervous.

“No, “Susan said shyly. I wouldn’t be able to run and play with everyone, just other
princesses, I wouldn’t like that. Show us more.”

And Stanley did. They flew like the wind passing birds and airplanes and knocking on
the windows to spell out Merry Christmas in the frost as they flew next to them going
wherever Stanley wanted to go. They saw children who go wonderful stables full of
horses, others that got staring roles in the best movies just because their parents were
powerful and rich. They even met children who wished to become an eagle and fly high
in the sky or any animal they wanted and the magic of Christmas made it all so. Stanley
said because of the powerful magic of Christmas, all of these things could be theirs. Jack
and Susan loved the wonderful travel and seeing so many amazing and exotic things but
finally Susan said. “Stanley can we go home?”

Back at their back yard, Stanley served them cookies in his little home again. “But why
don’t you want the most expensive presents and ponies and all these things. After all,
Christmas brings that kind of magic.” He asked.

“Well,” Jack said. “The more we flew, the more I knew it wouldn’t be Christmas unless
it was with our mommy and our daddy in our little house with regular presents.
Somehow, those presents don’t mean Christmas to me.

“Me too, Stanley. Something was missing from all that and that thing, whatever it is,
makes Christmas wonderful.”

“Then I know the most special present of all that will make Christmas more special than
ever before.” Stanley said with a big snowman smile and he clapped his hands. Instantly
Jack and Susan were in a stable. They saw Mary and Joseph looking down. And then
Joseph signaled that it was their turn to look.

“Jack,” Susan said gasping with awe and wonder at where they were. “It’s the baby
Jesus.” And they stepped up and looked down at his innocent eyes and his sweet smile.
Jack even reached down and stroked his cheek. For his whole life, Jack never forgot how
the skin of the newborn savior felt. Outside of the stable, they ran to Stanley.

“This is the present that is better than any we have seen tonight.” Jack said happily.

“That’s because God gave this present to give us life that can never end.” Stanley
explained. “Horses would go away, mansions would decay, toys would break or you
would grow out of all those things. But life eternal is something you will never stop

“It feels like it really is Christmas now Stanley!” Susan said loudly and with that, they
were instantly on their porch.

“You know it all along that nothing could compare with Jesus for the best Christmas
present ever didn’t you?” Jack said to Stanley.

“Yes Jack and I knew you knew it too. It was fun having an adventure but now its time
to worship the new born king.”

“But we don’t want you to go Stanley.” Susan said with a small sob.

“I won’t be far away. Next Christmas build a snowman twice as good and we will have
adventures a hundred times better than these. But just like this Christmas Eve, we will
end each night worshiping Jesus for saving all people from their sins.”

“HOORAY!” the kids shouted and they gave final snowy kisses and hugs to their
wonderful friend and ran inside to get on their best Christmas outfit’s to go to church and
truly praise Jesus for coming to fill their lives with love and the joy of Christmas every

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash