I should have left him

I should have left him : Sadstory

The following story is probably my futur. Most of it is true. The names have changed for privacy reasons.

Two months into the school year I took notice in a boy. I have always thought some boys were cute and stuff but I actually liked him. I am the girl who never brushes her hair and wears jeans and a t shirt everyday and his hair was similar to mine and he dressed similar too. I really liked him. Around January, I started talking to his best friend Emely. They have known each other for a long time. Soon enough I told her I liked him. She then told me she knew his crushes. I was dying to know so we started talking more and more. The first is a belly dancer at my school and the second she doesn't know yet so I asked her to ask home because she goes on his bus. Next day she says he didn't have a second one so I am depressed for a week or so. Then she tells me she told him I liked him. He then became my boyfriend. I was so happy. We would smile at each other all the time. A few weeks later, he doesn't show up at school. And then the day after that as well. I don't see him for a week and when he finally shows up at school, he is mean to me. I feel like I should just leave him before he brakes me but I love him to much still. A week later he finally treats me normally and asks to talk to me. He told me he wanted to break up with me and he couldn't tell me why. I knew it was coming but it still hit me. I cried for hours and hours at a time until I am slightly over it. He's not at school for two more weeks. Then one day the principal asks to see me. She tells me that he had a very rare disease that only happened to him and that he had died yesterday.  She then gave me a note and said it was from him. Later at my house once I finally finished crying, I opened the letter: 

Dear Jasmine,

I am sorry I have been so mean to you lately, the reason for that is, I realized I had a disease that was incurable so I didn't want to have to break up with you. I was hoping you would so that I wouldn't want to loll myself for it. But you didn't so I did. I regret it know though. I would have spent my last dying hours with you. I love you forever.

Love,  Brian

I cried even more and then smiled. I smiled necause I knew he still loved me and that he always would. 

*Later that day*

*In the news*

Girl jumps into the Grand Canyon and dies. Death was considered suicide.