Family is forever

Family is forever Story

Every teenager has that one person that they look up to, most of them are celebrities that are filthy rich with a million dollar apartment or house.

Mine was a person that was so much better than any celebrity could ever be, he worked hard for everything he earned even technically raised his grand-daughter that needed a dad because her dad skipped out on her. He made me happy when I was sad and always encouraged me to be the best I can be. 

He was my great grandpa, for almost thirteen years he was in my life. 

You have no idea how much it hurt me when he died, after I found out I ran to my room and cried my eyes out. 

He wasn't supposed to leave me!

He could have lived to be even older but cancer killed him, around that time my faith in god was faltering.

If there was god out there why would he take the life of person that has done nothing but good sooner tban he should have gone.

My mom took it the hardest because he was like her dad figure and was what kept her going, it still is like a cut that keeps reopening whenever someone touches it, I hate talking about him not because I hate him or anything but because when I do it makes me want to cry, I miss him like crazy.

No breakup or anything will hurt worse than my grandpa dying like that, he should have died when he was older. 

There was a chance that he could have been there when I had kids and got married but cancer took him away from me. 

Not many kids go see their grandparents anymore because they are "Too cool" for it but if I could see my grandpa one more time I would take the chance, I would give anything for him to be here right next to me. 

To tell me he loves me and to hug me while I cry but that will never happen again, you see at the end of the day all you will have is family so you have to hold om tight to that because once you let go you'll regret it..

Once you let go anything can happen and you will live in regret of not sticking with your family because where will you turn to when your heart is broken and no one else wants anything to do with you. 

Family will always be there, that is what they are for.