Learn To Live With Your Weaknesses

Learn To Live With Your Weaknesses                                                       


 It was a fine day during the rainy season. A peacock was dancing happily in a forest. Suddenly he reminded of his ugly rough voice.

His face turned pale and his eyes started watering.  

 Suddenly he saw a nightingale sitting on a nearby tree and singing. Listening her, the peacock lamented    what a sweet voice she has, which everybody loves and praises but when I utter a sound everybody makes fun of me. How jinxed am I . 

 Just then appeared Juna- wife of Jupiter, the chief of gods. She asked the peacock   why are u said 

 The peacock sobbed out    I have got such a beautiful body that is praised by all but my voice is so bad that everyone laughs at it. So this beauty is useless  

 The goddess replied “ you are the only one who is unhappy. Several creatures have been gifted by god with various gifts like- you the beauty, eagle the strength, nightingale the sweet voice, so on and so forth. So don't grumble over your weakness, accept the way it is and be happy “ 

 Hence, one should not regret on what he she doesn‘t have rather be satisfied with what one has.  

 The End..