The story of faith

 The story of faith

 A business man was late for his flight. He reached the boarding gate just before it closed. Sweating and out of breath  he scanned his 

boarding pass at the counter and quickly made his way to the plane.  Arriving at his seat  he greeted his companions for the next few hours: a middle-aged woman sitting at the window  and a little girl sitting on the aisle seat. 

After stowing his bag above  he took his place between them.  After the flight took off  he began a conversation with the little girl. She appeared to be about the same age as his daughter and was busy with her coloring book. 

He asked her a few usual questions  such as her age (eight)  her hobbies (cartoons and drawing)  as well as her favorite animal (horses are pretty  but she just loved cats). He found it strange that such a young girl would be traveling alone  but he kept his thoughts to himself and decided to keep an eye on her to make sure she was okay.  About an hour into the flight  the plane suddenly began experiencing extreme turbulence.

 The pilot came over the PA system and told everyone to fasten their seat belts and remain calm  as they had encountered rough weather.  Several times over the next half hour the plane made drastic dips and turns  shaking all the while.

 Some people began crying  and many like the woman in the window seat were praying intently. The man was sweating and clenching his seat as tightly as he could  and exclaim Oh my God! with each increasingly violent shake of the plane.  Meanwhile  the little girl was sitting quietly beside him in her seat. Her coloring book and crayons were put away neatly in the seat pocket in front of her  and her hands were calmly resting on her legs. Incredibly  she didn't seem worried all.

  Then  just as suddenly as it had begun  the turbulence ended. The pilot came on a few minutes later to apologize for the bumpy ride and to announce that they would be landing soon. As the plane began its descent  the man said to the little girl 

 You are just a little girl  but I have never met a braver person in all my life! Tell me  dear  how is it that you remained so calm while all of us adults were so afraid?  Looking him in the eyes  she said  'My father is the pilot  and he's taking me home.'    <b>Moral of story:<\/b>  If we recognise the power of faith.....we won't look for miracles.  May this beautiful story inspire us and brighten our path. "