young man sends a friend request to a girl via Facebook A strange love story

 The refracting sunset of the broken relationship had already started swelling his ice of frozen memories for a couple of months.

 The restless emotions haunting from, behind the lens of the twin glasses each time denied the sparks of the rapier around the wrist.

 But the sparks of uneven wounds down his limbs perhaps had not the sweetest taste to taste her, his loneliness. 

Although his WhatsApp chat changed its priority but the ‘Fakebook’ search history failed to keep its promise. 

 One fine evening, something surprised him a ‘little beautiful’. Perhaps his infinity had not sensed him this that day but now-a -days,

 while walking down the memory lane it realised him ‘little beautiful’. While scrolling down the ‘fakebook’ suddenly his fingers stopped.

 ‘That beauty, ‘that’ pleasant look, ‘that’ pink lips somehow compelled him to sent her friend request.

 Within an hour the notification alarmed ‘Suchismita Saha accepted your request’. Without a moment of hesitation, he pinged her.



–Can I ask you something?


 –Do you know Arpita? Are you her sister? Actually your eyes, curly hair, lips and the way of looking actually resembles her perfectly.

 Arpita is my ex-lover. This is the reason why I sent you the friend request. 

 Perhaps three smiley emojis were sufficient to symbolise his last message ‘seen’.

 Awaited moments somehow waited for 2 hours. The earphone was echoing ‘Shape of you’.

 The nightlamp each time shaded its illusion in between the misery and memories.

 The clock promised 2 AM. Once the phone vibrated. ‘Suchismita sent you a message’.

‘I will be waiting beside the Xerox Center near the petrol pump sharply at 3.10 PM. Hope to meet you tomorrow’- ‘fakebook’ read.

 Next afternoon, the sunny afternoon kissed his desperation down the Gariahat lane before he found someone waiting near the school road

 looking at the clock each time. The clock witnessed 3.10 PM. His fastened breath was enough to express her about his nervousness.

 She offered her his bottle and continued- 

  ‘ It was fine enough to tell me about me yesterday in course of our conversation.

 Still I didn’t. I told you to meet me today over here not to show who I am, but to make you finding out the difference between me and Arpita by yourself. ‘ 

  From that day, words started getting shared. The daily schedule started sharing its shadows within the legacy of their chats.

 Each Monday they started meeting each other. He used not to go to his college on Mondays and waited for her near the petrol pump to meet 

her after her usual school session. Gradually his ‘scribbled stories’ started to be written on her ‘yourquote’ and her ‘inner voice’ continued to 

reply him in his ‘mirakee’. Calendar started rolling its dates. The days gifted them months and the bricks of memories started building another

 castle behind the reasons of tears. Each day he used to wait for her ‘yoo’ and she used to wait for him after his assignments completed. Another promise

 was being built behind the few ‘seen’ and ‘delivered’. Although her friends pinched her ‘boyfriend’ each time, but the long chat encrypted within

 the facebook encrypted him ‘best friends’. They missed each other, teased each other. Each day the late night chats started becoming more favourite so 

much that the sleeping time shifted its desire from 12 AM to 2 AM.  

 And today, their last seen on the facebook reads 3.10 PM. Because it a Monday 

and he must has been waiting near the school gate. And the rest peeps…